Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota


Our rehabilitation programs offer compassion to help people break free from chains – whether those of addiction or repeat incarceration – to find a new life path and reclaim lost hope. We offer a starting point on the path to freedom with counseling, patience, prayer and a limitless supply of God’s love.

Click the links below to reveal a description of each type of rehabilitation:

Addiction Recovery

Drugs, alcohol, pornography and other addictions have a strangling grip that is hard to break. We serve people from all walks of life, from the chronically homeless to high-income professionals who “had it all” but lost everything to addiction.

We have an addiction rehabilitation programs for men – the Adult Rehabilitation Center (900 N. 4th St., Minneapolis). Although both are based in Minneapolis, men from all over Minnesota and North Dakota can be admitted.

For women, The Salvation Army offers a host of emergency services. Once stabilized, you’ll be referred to a professional rehabilitation program to start on the path to recovery.

Correctional Care

For men and women in prison, those about to be released, or people freed after serving time, compassion can be the difference between a new life path and repeat incarceration. We provide spiritual support to the incarcerated, and basic needs services and transitional assistance to those released through our correctional services program. We also work in partnership with the addiction recovery programs described above for those battling an addiction.