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Seniors enjoying breakfast at Booth Manor

Booth Manor like ‘family’ for residents

Added on Friday, August 21, 2015

On any given day at The Salvation Army’s Booth Manor senior living facility in Minneapolis, you’ll find residents enjoying each other’s company, sharing meals together, and swapping stories.

One of the original residents at Booth Manor“I’ve been here since day one,” said 69-year-old Judy Parker (pictured, right), who moved into Booth Manor in 1977, when she was just 31. She was one of a dozen-or-so women grandfathered into the housing facility, having lived in the former Salvation Army Evangeline Residence for women.

“It’s a good place to be. It’s family, really,” Parker explained.

That feeling is important to the 162 residents here and the staff members who care for them.

“We love our residents, we’re just a big family,” said Major Brenda Pittman, the Salvation Army officer in charge of Booth Manor. “Here, if someone is sick, people care. If we haven’t seen someone for a couple of days, let’s go find them, we miss them and want to know they’re okay.”

On National Senior Citizens Day, Friday, Aug. 21, The Salvation Army served a special breakfast of biscuits and gravy to celebrate the residents who call Booth Manor home.

Alice Lincoln, Booth Manor resident for 12 years“I think it’s wonderful,” said Alice Lincoln (pictured, left), enjoying the breakfast. At 74, she’s lived here for 12 years and says the camaraderie keeps her going.

“It’s an ideal location and I’m still relatively young,” Lincoln said. “I was only 62 when I moved in. I like to get out and about, but love knowing I have friends here.”

The 21-story high rise on Loring Park offers affordable housing to people 62 and over. Nearly a third of them are Russian speaking. It’s a true melting pot of people from all walks of life, with many saying there is no place else they’d rather be.

“I have no plans to leave,” Parker said with a laugh. “I like to say they’ll end up having to carry me out of here.”

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