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The Salvation Army is serving in northern Minnesota as communities prepare for flooding

I-Falls flooding imminent as Army serves on

Added on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Salvation Army is serving food and water to volunteer sandbaggers and relief workers in northern Minnesota as Koochiching County communities prepare for flooding.

I-Falls-B-300x200County officials suspect Rainy Lake will rise at least another foot in the next day, and if it does, hundreds of homes could be affected.

Envoy Beverly Mayfield, leader of the International Falls Salvation Army, has been serving with Salvation Army staff and volunteers since Friday. “We are providing fuel for the community – three meals a day and all of the snacks and fluids they need to keep going,” she said.

I-Falls-C-300x200Officials said the situation could be worse than the last major flood that struck the region in 2002, when nearly 140 homes suffered damage.

More rain is forecast tomorrow and possibly through the weekend.

The Salvation Army is prepared to offer clean-up kits to flooded communities, and provide help with financial needs if there is a need and resources allow.

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