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#RedKettleReason: Because... [enter your reason here]

Your Red Kettle Reason

“Because no one should go to bed hungry.” “Because I want to give the gift of a good night’s sleep.” “Because giving hope is priceless.” “Because every child deserves to smile at Christmas.”

These are Red Kettle Reasons. A Red Kettle Reason says why you won’t stand for poverty being the norm – that it has no place in our city or town.

The Salvation Army is here to feed hungry people, house individuals and families experiencing homelessness, make Christmas bright and, most importantly, meet the greatest needs where you live. You can help by starting your own Red Kettle Reason fundraiser to tell others why you support us and invite them to do the same. It’s just one of the simple ways you can join the Fight for Good against poverty.

Go ahead. Declare your Red Kettle Reason today.

Start a Fundraiser. Declare Your Reason. Change Lives.

When you set up a D-I-Y fundraiser on, you get to choose which community the funds support and declare your Red Kettle Reason.  You also get to choose a cause, or how the funds you raise will get used. Select from:

Make Christmas Possible

Shelter the Homeless

Feed the Hungry

Meet the Greatest Need

Set up takes just minutes on our fundraising site, then follow the simple steps to inspire others to give or join in.

Start by Choosing Your Community

Select your location below to start a fundraiser to help people in your community.

Why Join In?

Because whether we help one person, one hundred people, or 25,000,000 people like The Salvation Army does annually, your #RedKettleReason fundraiser will make someone’s day and life better. Guaranteed. See the proof by reading our stories of life change.