Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota
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If you or your civic group, church, or business would like to fundraise on behalf of The Salvation Army, we make it easy. Simply complete our fundraising form during the planning stages, and we’ll contact you to smooth out the details. Here are some guidelines and ideas:

Fundraising Guidelines

As a national organization, The Salvation Army requires advance approval for the use of our name and logo in conjunction with your fundraiser. After you complete the fundraising form, please allow up to two weeks for review.

The Salvation Army’s name or logo may never be used to imply our endorsement of a product, service, activity or belief.

Event or Personal Fundraiser

Events and personal fundraisers range from an individual planning a garage sale to civic groups, churches, or businesses hosting silent auctions or benefit dinners on our behalf. You can create a personal fundraiser by visiting If you or your group plans to make raise money and wants to donate proceeds to The Salvation Army, we can make it happen.

Collect Donations

Stores may offer small red kettles at their registers or the ability for customers to round up their bill to support local Salvation Army programs. Businesses or civic groups may want to simply collect donations from their employees or members during an annual drive. These are just two ways you could raise money on our behalf. Contact us with your idea.

Donate a Percentage of Sales

Want to find a way to turn your good fortune into help for others? Businesses can select The Salvation Army to receive a portion of sales from their product or service on a temporary or long-term basis.

For questions, call Jessica at 651-746-3491. Thinking more along the line of collecting items? See our supply drives page for details.