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Meet our disasters volunteer team Image

Meet our disasters volunteer team

When disasters hit, we're hear to help at any moment.

Whether you want to serve a warm meal to hungry survivors or are a retiree seeking training to serve in a skilled leadership position, there is a place for you on our team. We welcome adult volunteers of all ages to serve at varying levels – from time commitments of just a few hours each month to being available at a moment’s notice.

Click the links below to learn about becoming a disaster volunteer.

We need people to join our team who are ready and willing to help at any moment. Team members based in the Twin Cities will respond to local disasters and be eligible to travel with our disaster response team.

To be considered for service, complete the following steps:

  • Apply here
  • Attend the required Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services and Disaster Food Services: Handling and Delivery training courses (view course descriptions)
  • Attend additional training courses if needed for your area of specialty

We train disaster volunteers year-round at locations throughout the Twin Cities (find upcoming classes). For information about upcoming courses (view course descriptions) available in your area, call 651-746-3404.

If you’re a municipality or public service organization that wants to learn more about our disaster team, please complete a request form to have a disaster team member to speak at your event. You can also schedule our mobile kitchen to come to your event when it’s not needed for a disaster response.

Major Michele Heaver, Emergency Disaster Services Secretary

David Dynes, Emergency Disaster Services Staff

For questions about serving as a disaster volunteer in the Twin Cities, call 651-746-3404.

Disaster Fund

In times of disaster, a monetary gift is the best way to offer comfort to survivors, as it allows us to focus on the most pressing need (give to the disaster fund).