Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota
Salvation Army officer meets with prisoner

Correctional Services

Prison ministers generally agree that most inmates really want to change. After they’re released, the two things they need most are the two things hardest to obtain: a decent place to live, and a job. Compassion can be the difference between a new life path and repeat incarceration.

Our staff members work with men and women in state and federal prisons across Minnesota and North Dakota, those about to be released, or people freed after serving time to rebuild their lives and strengthen their faith in God.

Support Inside Prisons

We offer chapel services, one-on-one counseling, correspondence and a variety of classes to men and women at 14 state and federal prisons. The support we provide inside prison walls is designed to help offenders strengthen their spirituality and develop the life skills needed to reenter the community.

The following classes and small group studies are offered:

We also offer basic needs services and family support to the loved ones of incarcerated men and women.

Support for Community Reentry and Families

Once released from prison, our correctional services staff continue support to previously incarcerated men and women, and their families, through the following services:

For questions or to receive help, please contact correctional services or call 651-746-3534.