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Christmas scene with a bell ringer and a city

Love Has An Army

Poverty is an everyday battle that families don’t always win. But people experiencing poverty are not without hope. They have an army of loving people like you who fight on their behalf. Your generosity puts food on their table, presents under their tree, and joy in their hearts.

Meet the Army behind The Army

Every Christmas season, The Salvation Army relies on the help of thousands of compassionate volunteers, staff members and donors to help us meet the greatest needs in our community. They are the Army behind The Army.

Some are volunteer bell ringers who stand in the cold to raise money and spread cheer. Others are Salvation Army officers who wake up before dawn to make sure our red kettles are ready to go. Still others are volunteers who help share the joy of Christmas at Salvation Army Toy Shops. All of these people choose to make a difference, no matter how small. They choose to fight for good.

Here are some real-life examples of people who have joined The Salvation Army in the battle against poverty:

Honoring a fallen ringer

Michael Gorr, one of our most beloved bell ringers passed away earlier this year, but our memory of him lives on. He lived with cerebral palsy, but he never allowed the disease to stop him from spreading joy. You can read about how he rang bells more than anybody else in the Twin Cities during the 2017 Christmas season.

Volunteer fights for good inside prisons

Darla Bohn has a passion for prison ministry. She regularly helps The Salvation Army fight for good by supporting women who are in prison and by mentoring those who have just come out. Darla also helps lead Salvation Army Toy Lift – a program that provides Christmas gifts to children who have an incarcerated parent.

Bell ringer fights for good to honor dad

This Christmas season, Jessica Becker and her family will be bell ringing to honor her father, Roger Burns, who passed away earlier this year. She hops that others will join her and help The Salvation Army fight for good.

Woman fights for good behind the scenes

Wren has been volunteering for The Salvation Army for six years. Although she enjoys participating in activities that put her face-to-face with the people she is helping, sometimes she prefers to volunteer behind the scenes.

Beloved bell ringer’s legacy lives on

Bell ringer Michael Gorr was on of the Twin Cities Salvation Army’s most dedicated and beloved volunteers. Sadly, he passed away in April. But his legacy of service lives on this Christmas season.

Grocery chain Cub fights for good

 Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Cub. For well over a decade, the grocery chain has been one of the Twin Cities Salvation Army’s staunchest allies in the fight for good.

Brooklyn Park officers fight for good

Captains Josh and Jen Polanco are committed to helping The Salvation Army fight for good, especially during our busiest time of the year. Both are committed to fight for good all year long.

Great big family fights for good[/wptabtible][wptabcontent] The Schudas are a great big family that fights for good. They first started volunteering for The Salvation Army in 2007, and today their specialty is bell ringing. [/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle] Couple fights for good by counting kettle donations

Volunteers like Leon and Susan Godeke fight for good by spending hours and hours sorting thousands of dollars worth of bills and loose change.

Join the Fight for Good

"I Fight for Good" badge

Do something meaningful this Christmas season by joining The Salvation Army in the fight for good. Here are four simple ways to help:

  1. Become a recurring donor. The fight for good takes place all year long. By becoming a recurring donor, you will help meet the year-round needs of even more people struggling with poverty.
  2. Recruit your own army. The fight for good needs soldiers. Recruit others to help raise money by setting up your own online fundraiser at
  3. Donate at a red kettle or online. Fight poverty one dollar at a time by giving each time you pass a red kettle. Or, support your local Salvation Army through an online donation.
  4. Become a volunteer bell ringer. Join the fight against poverty by giving your time as a red kettle bell ringer. The money you raise will support our poverty-fighting programs.