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Reuben volunteers at the Willmar Salvation Army

Meet Reuben Walman, volunteer extraordinaire

Added on Monday, March 4, 2019

Written by Auxiliary Captain Ron Felt, leader of the Willmar Salvation Army

The Willmar Salvation Army is proud to recognize volunteer Reuben Walman for his outstanding efforts to serve the community.

We first met Reuben in 2005 when he stopped by to fill out a volunteer application. The application asked if there was a particular area of service he’d prefer, to which he replied, “Anywhere.”

Since then, Rueben has done just that – serve anywhere. He has willingly gone anywhere and done anything we have asked him to.

Here are some of the ways Reuben helps the Willmar Salvation Army and the people we serve:

  • Three mornings per week he helps us pick up bread and baked goods at local grocery stores. Afterward, he sorts and shelves the items.
  • Every Sunday morning he comes to church an hour early to assist with picking up people with physical limitations. He gives them a hand while they get into our van and he loads their walkers into the back.
  • Monday nights he volunteers to help with our youth character building programs.
  • Every seasonal event we hold – such as coat drives and holiday meal distributions – he helps out in whatever ways that are needed.

Reuben is so dedicated. Last Christmas season, when we needed help taking down a massive Salvation Army lights display in a public park, he was the only volunteer to show up on both days – even though it was so cold that the displays were breaking in our hands.

From making coffee to welcoming people to the Willmar Salvation Army, Reuben goes above and beyond in service to the community and – above all – the Lord. We are proud to recognize Reuben for his efforts and we thank him for all he does.

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