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Friends meet outside the Williston Salvation Army

Army’s help yields added benefit: Friendship

Added on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Many people who come to the Williston Salvation Army for assistance arrive alone, with no one to share in their journey.

Then something special happens. Friendship.

Friendships develop among the people we serve. They work together, outside of The Salvation Army’s assistance, to help lighten each other’s load.

Such was the case with a gentleman who recently came to the Williston Salvation Army. He had traveled to Williston by bus to find work as a truck driver. He came to The Salvation Army for help during his difficult transition between unemployment and employment; homelessness and housing.

One thing that complicated his situation was the fact that he didn’t have transportation to get to and from his meetings, appointments and interviews.

Thankfully, he made a friend here at the Williston Salvation Army. His new friend owned a vehicle and was able to give him rides to the places he needed to go to start his new life in Williston.

Not only was The Salvation Army a place where the man was able to receive emergency assistance, it was a place where he found companionship. He found a friend who had a heart to help.

The man brought his new friend to one of his meetings with a Salvation Army caseworker. In the middle of the appointment, he started telling his friend about the help he had received from The Salvation Army and how grateful he was. As he expressed his thankfulness, he began to weep as he recalled the blessings he had received from The Salvation Army. He did not know what he would have done without the organization’s help during one of the most difficult times of his life.

For this man, The Salvation Army was a place where all needs were met: emotional, spiritual, physical and – perhaps most importantly – his need for a friend.

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