Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota


“Really what’s kept me involved in The Salvation Army is the good work they do throughout the Twin Cities. They’re involved with homelessness, they feed the hungry, they clothe people who don’t have clothes, provide toys for kids at Christmas, so many things.” – Dan Hagen


“I’ve been a member of The Salvation Army all my life. I was born in The Salvation Army, raised in The Salvation Army and I went on to own my own businesses and now I’m finally old enough that I can share some of that wisdom with The Salvation Army.” – Andy Schweizer


“I just think it’s such an incredible story that when they have no hope, we’re there to give them hope.” – Stephanie Rossi


“Because we serve communities, we have to serve all aspects of communities. Everywhere I turned whether it was serious needs in a community -housing, food, or spiritual, or what have you, The Salvation Army has always been there with dedicated officers and it’s just a humbling experience to be a part of their work.” – Doug Hile


“It’s Doing the Most Good®, but if we wanted to extend that, it’s Doing the Most Good® with the least amount of money.” – Pat Plunkett