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Dental Clinic patient gets help, gives back

Added on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jana Havilacek-Huber had been living with tooth pain for over a year when she came to the Rochester Salvation Army Good Samaritan Dental Clinic.

Jana headshot“I had a gap in my teeth that wasn’t supposed to be there,” said Jana (pictured).

She had no way to pay for the dental care she needed. She’d convinced herself that excessive oral hygiene practices and Ibuprofen would be enough to solve the issue. But they weren’t.

She heard about the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic through a moms group on Facebook. She learned that the clinic could offer the care she needed, and also her children.

The clinic provided Jana with three tooth extractions. She also was in dire need of fillings. Thankfully, one of the clinic’s volunteer dentists happens to be a specialist. He brought in one of his own assistants to take care of Jana’s teeth, with GC America donating the materials needed for her fillings.

Jana is thankful she came to the clinic.

“I no longer have to cover my mouth with my hands, or smile for pictures with my mouth closed,” Jana said. “This is the best way to end a year, by far. To me, this moment is everything.”

Jana is now happily recovered, having found a dental home for herself and her children.

So happy, in fact, that she volunteered to ring bells this past Christmas season.

“The least I could do to give back would be to volunteer,” said Jana, whose efforts have enabled the Rochester Salvation Army to help others who have fallen on hard times.

To learn more about the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic, or to sign up to volunteer, please visit or call 507-529-4100.