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’76 Lions Club Donates 100 Dental Hygiene Kits to Rochester Dental Clinic

Added on Friday, March 8, 2019

Lions Clubs are known internationally for their work collecting glasses for people in need, but few consider what happens to the cases in which the glasses are donated. Dudley Parsons (pictured above) says that the cases usually go right to the landfill. Parsons thought this was a terrible waste and approached his ’76 Lions Club members with an idea: fill the cases with dental supplies and donate them to the Rochester Salvation Army’s Good Samaritan Dental Clinic.

The ’76 Lions Club wound up making 100 dental hygiene kits at one of its regular meetings. Each kit includes a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, all donated by local dental groups GLK Orthodontics, NW Dental Group, Ted Thull, DDS and Hunt Drug Store.

The Good Samaritan Clinic is thankful for the donation.

“Many of the people we serve are homeless, and kits like this that are easily portable and still allow them to take basic care of their teeth make a huge impact,” said Pam Lawrence (pictured above center), coordinator of the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic. “Donations like these help people to avoid repeat visits to the dental clinic for treatment of emergency dental needs.”

Last year the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic provided care to over 1,100 people. The clinic’s volunteer dentists rely on donations of dental hygiene tools like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss in order to send their patients home with the materials they need to care for their teeth on a daily basis.

“The Lions Club motto is, ‘We Serve’,” said Lynda Laechel (pictured above right), club president of the ’76 Lions Club. “We were so glad to learn that all 100 eyeglass cases could be used to help other people in this community.”

Please call the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic at 507-529-4100 to learn how you can contribute to the good works of the clinic.