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Blog: It’s Ash Wednesday – ‘Give it up’ for those in need

Added on Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Written by Annette Bauer, media relations director for The Salvation Army Northern Division

While getting ready for work this morning my husband said, “I think I want to ‘give something up’ for Lent this year.” I said that instead of giving something up, we should do something that makes an impact for others once a week – something that “costs” us something – time, talent or money. He thought that was a better idea but said, “Like what?”

Dangerous thing for him to say to a woman who works for The Salvation Army. I looked very serious and underwhelmed externally but ecstatic internally as I said, “Well, we could volunteer at the local food shelf. Call church to find out if someone needs help with transportation to the grocery store. I am sure I can find something.”

He left for work convinced I would indeed find something and oblivious to the explosion of ideas inside my head. After all, it is Minnesota FoodShare Month – a perfect time to get involved in the community.

The Salvation Army can put your good deeds to great use this month and always. Check out our volunteer opportunities or call your local food shelf or community action center – and “give it up” for those in need.