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Mink coat and hat donated to the Fargo Salvation Army

Arizona woman sends mink coat to Fargo Salvation Army

Added on Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We have all heard the adage about how quickly rabbits multiply. Folks in Fargo North Dakota may be saying the same thing about minks – mink coats anyway.

Mink coat donated to the Fargo Salvation ArmyEarly in January, a woman in Arizona was hearing about the cold snap in the upper regions of the United States. She imagined children shivering in the cold and then thought about that mink coat she had in her closet. She looked on a map and randomly picked a northern region – Fargo to be exact. She emailed The Salvation Army and said a mink was on its way to give some warmth to a needy child.

When news of the donation hit the local paper, another fur coat was quickly donated to the cause – this time from a Fargo native.

Mink coat and hat donated to the Fargo Salvation ArmyThe Salvation Army, with the donors’ blessings, is planning to sell the coats in hopes that the money will buy more practical packages for children’s warmth.

“We are hoping to raise a few hundred dollars for the coats,” said Major Elaine Medlock, Fargo Salvation Army leader. “If we are lucky, we will sell the coats quickly – then we can find some great discount deals on kids’ coats and help more than just two children stay warm this winter.”

Anyone interested in vintage fur coats can call the Fargo Salvation Army at 701-232-5565.