Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota
Officer preching the love of God

At our core, a church

Added on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Salvation Army is the second-largest charity in America, operates in 125 countries, raises billions of dollars and serves millions of people. It’s one of the largest providers of human aid on the planet.

All of this for one reason: to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ.

If that surprises you, you’re not alone. Many people don’t realize that The Salvation Army is, first and foremost, a church.

“People know we do good things, but they don’t always know the reason behind it,” said Lt. Randy Stahl, an officer of The Salvation Army in Hibbing, Minn. “The truth is that every meal we serve, every bag of groceries we give, every last good thing we do is all in the name of God and His son, Jesus Christ.”

People are also surprised to know that most Salvation Army operation centers include a chapel for Sunday morning and other worship services. These services are led by Salvation Army officers, all of whom are ordained ministers who preach an evangelical Christian message. There are about 70 officers serving in The Salvation Army Northern Division, most of whom are married couples leading our 28 Worship and Service Centers in Minnesota and North Dakota.

The churches are attended by any number of people. Stahl’s little chapel in Hibbing, for example, is home to just under 40 people on Sunday mornings. Conversely, hundreds of people often show up at The Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Chapel in Minneapolis, where church services can last well into the afternoon.

The Salvation Army serves people in need without discrimination of religious affiliation, sexual orientation or absolutely anything else.

The Salvation Army invites you to come worship with us, whether on Sunday mornings or by putting your faith into action as a volunteer. Contact your local Salvation Army to learn more.

The Salvation Army was founded in London, England by Methodist minister William Booth and his wife, Catherine, in 1865. Learn more about The Salvation Army’s church history.