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Blog: Letters to soldiers keep spirits high

Added on Friday, June 6, 2014

Written by Jessyca Duerr, donor and volunteer relations director for The Salvation Army Northern Division

I started working for The Salvation Army in 2010, and it wasn’t long before I read a note from a Salvation Army supporter that went something like this: “My grandfather told us to always support The Salvation Army. He never forgot the ‘Donut Girls’ who served him free coffee and donuts in WWI. He would say, ‘Those girls were within shelling distance of the German cannons! Never forget The Salvation Army.’”

When I read the note, I got a little tearful. I had yet to learn about The Salvation Army’s history surrounding the war service, so I hurried over to a co-worker to show her what was to me the most unique and amazing story I had come across. Her response was a simple smile. “You’ll start hearing those stories all the time,” she said.

My co-worker was right. Since that day, I have heard a myriad stories about how The Salvation Army provided donuts, coffee, stamps, stationery, cigarettes, water, a meal, a darned sock, and — above all — love and comfort to our brave men and women.

Today we have continued that tradition of caring by inviting our supporters to write letters to soldiers. Below are just a few examples. And yes, I tear up when I read these, too.

Letter from Mike and Sue

Never take for granted that how much your time and service matter. They do. Your time and devotion to our country is what ensures we are free and strong. Collectively we are mighty. Individually your contribution is critical to the whole. Thanks and blessings.

Letter from Larry

Although I never served in the armed services, I stand in awe of your dedication and sacrifice to provide protection for the USA and its citizens. To know that I have the multitude of freedoms that so many in the world do not have is incomprehensible—such as being able to get up in the morning without fear, the ability to choose, and especially the freedom to vote! Thank you for your sacrifice to keep the United States free! God bless you.

From the trenches of WWI to the mountains of Afghanistan, we are with our troops in spirit and in prayer. We would love to share your thoughts with the men and women currently serving in the U.S. military. To learn more about writing letters to soldiers, give me a call at 651-746-3516.