Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota

Committees & Minutes

Our Salvation Army Board Members provide support and guidance to continually improve The Salvation Army. This is done through a diverse board with unique talents and perspectives. Board members commit to attend a monthly board meeting as well as serve on one or more committees.

Monthly Board Meeting

At a monthly board meeting, Advisory Board Members are updated on the current happenings of the local Salvation Army. This is an opportunity to gain information, provide recommendations and resources, and learn about additional ways to partner with The Salvation Army. Members can view the minutes here.

Board Development Committee

Members assist in  ensuring the perpetuity of the Board through nominations and the ongoing development of individual members, and that the appropriate recourse(s) exit to allow members to fulfill their duties. Members can view the minutes here.

Executive Committee

Members assist in creating goals, focusing the committees, and recruiting new members. Members provide big-picture decision-making ability to keep The Salvation Army in line with its mission and continuing to assist the community and honor the volunteers and donors. Members can view the minutes here.

Finance Committee

Members work together to monitor the financial viability of the local corps units by reviewing financial reports and budgets, interpreting changes in reports, making recommendations, and helping to present the budget at united appeals. Some examples of specific initiatives include discussion of the Christmas campaign goal, facilitating annual budget planning, and presenting corps budgets at grant request meetings. Members can view the minutes here.

Property & Facilities Committee

Members assist corps officers and administrators in assuring all corps’ facilities are maintained well, including property inspections, safety and security. Members must understand each facility’s use and corps’ needs to then provide investigations, reviews, and recommendations for all property issues. Members can expect to obtain bids and gather information to provide for future corps property needs and offer proper oversight for space utilization. Members can view the minutes here.

Programs & Services Committee

Members monitor the effectiveness, quality, and relevance of all corps’ social programs including expansion, program discontinuations, and major revisions. Committee will make appropriate recommendations to strengthen programs and services and will explore and suggest potential new programs to meet community needs. To best support and engage local programs, members will identify ways to encourage and recognize staff and volunteers. Members can view the minutes here.

Development Committee

Members understand the importance of a brand and work to empower the Army brand through service. This includes working through media connections, reaching out to organizations and corporations, and fundraising. Members can view the minutes here.

Communications & Marketing Committee

Members assist internal communications teams with print and digital strategies to best tell the story of The Salvation Army. Members can view the minutes here.