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Voices from the LGBT Community: Jerry Koenig

Please do not believe the rumors. The Salvation Army does not discriminate against members of the LGBT community. Stop by any Salvation Army location, anytime, to see for yourself. Or read this story.

Or take it from members of the LGBT community themselves:

Jerry KoenigJerry Koenig, 64, is a food delivery driver at The Salvation Army Harbor Light Shelter in Minneapolis. After accepting the job four years ago, a friend asked why he’d work for an organization that discriminated against “their kind.” Based on his firsthand experience of seeing that the Army does not discriminate, he could only respond: “Huh?”

“Sexual orientation is the last thing they’re thinking about here,” Jerry said. “It’s not even a topic. It’s all about how we can keep this person off the street, how we can keep them from hurting themselves or somebody else.”