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Salvation Army Stores have it all

Added on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What do Salvation Army Stores sell in Minnesota and North Dakota?

Used lamp for saleMore like, what don’t they sell. Our 30 store locations carry all kinds of brand-new merchandise, from inflatable mattresses, to coffee makers, to board games – all at a fraction of their retail price.   

The stores feature a treasure-trove of used merchandise, too. Clothes. Video games. Kitchenware. Furniture. Vintage lamps (pictured right). All in great condition and ready for a new home.

Recently, the team at stopped by our store in Elk River, Minn. for a sampling of all the good deals. Here’s some of the cool stuff we found, much of which was new and still in its original box:

Appliances for saleSmall appliances. You name it, they had it in stock – and for cheap. Space heaters, air purifiers, and humidifiers for between $15–$35. Crock pots for $10. Blenders and coffee makers for less than $10. Vacuum sealers that retail for well over $100 were selling for $60.

Baby products. Just about everything your newborn or toddler needs was there on the shelves, brand-new. Baby bottles, nooks, soaps, and diapers. Blankets and nursing pads. Breast pumps. Playpens.   

Toys for saleToys. If you bring your child shopping with you, brace yourself – he or she will probably go bananas looking at all the cool toys. We found a slew of popular name-brand toys, such as Nerf guns and Hot Wheels playsets. Other shelves were stacked eight feet high with baby toys, games, dolls, stuffed animals, Legos, action figures, remote-control cars, and much more.

Camping: We found loads of gear for outdoors enthusiasts. Sleeping bags. Lanterns. Portable grills. Airbeds and battery-powered air pumps. Fishing rods and reels, and tackle boxes. Some of the merchandise was new, some used. Most of it was being sold for peanuts.

Although the merchandise we found at the Elk River store might not be in stock at the store you happen to visit, rest assured that you will find plenty of other great products you need – or didn’t know you needed.

You might meet some great people, too.

Store employees“I know 30 of the regulars here by name,” said Jennifer, assistant manager of the Elk River store (pictured on the right with the store’s general manager, Sara, left). “One of my favorites is Lilly. She’s a sweet, little old lady who buys a few clothes twice a week.”

Another of Jennifer’s favorite shoppers: Herb, an old military veteran.

“He comes in twice a week for exercise and to pick on me,” Jennifer said with a chuckle.

Shop strategically

The everyday deals at Salvation Army Stores are even better if you know when to shop.

Jeans for saleOur stores hold special sales on select days of every week. Many of the stores follow this format:

  • Toddler Tuesday: 50 percent off kids’ clothes and 25 percent off toys.
  • Senior Wednesday: Shoppers ages 55 and older receive 50 percent off clothing (excludes shoes).
  • Thursdays: Shoppers with a military or student ID receive 25 percent off their entire purchase (excludes several product categories).

Additionally, many stores offer a 50 percent discount all week on select tag colors; a new tag color is announced every Monday.

Check with your nearest Salvation Army Store to learn more about their weekly discounts.

Donate goods, change a life

Store aislesThe best part of shopping at Salvation Army Stores isn’t necessarily the good deals. It’s the people you are helping. All store proceeds fund Salvation Army programs that provide food, housing, rehabilitation, and other vital services for your neighbors in need.

You can also help by donating your new and gently-used goods. This spring, clean out your drawers, closets and garage and drop them off at your nearest Salvation Army Store. Most donations are tax-deductible (see valuation guide).