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Join in ‘National Day of Prayer’ on May 2

Added on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

“Love one another. Just as I have loved you.” – John 13:34.

This year’s National Day of Prayer will take place on Thursday, May 2. The Salvation Army and churches across the country humbly ask that you join thousands of others in a unified public prayer for America.

This year’s theme asks participants to demonstrate our love for others just as Jesus has shown His love for us. This charge in the book of John comes soon after Jesus demonstrates His example of humble service to others, even when holding a position of power and authority. Jesus shows us that to be a true disciple of His teachings, we must also live out His example of a love that is so extreme, even nonbelievers will take notice of it.

On National Day of Prayer, we are called to exhibit open hearts and loving manners. Let us love one another – even sinners and our enemies – with the love that Jesus commanded. May the people you pray for or those you come in contact with today discover that they have a place to go where they will be genuinely loved – the Church.

Virtual Pledge to Pray

We’re hosting a virtual day of prayer, wherein you can pledge to join countless others in lifting their voices to the Lord. When you pledge, you’re simply saying “yes” to taking a quick moment to pray today.

Will you join us by pledging to pray at a specific time today? (Yes, I pledge to pray today.)

The Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing.” When we each pause for even just a moment, together we can fill the entire day with an unending stream of prayers to the Lord. Thank you for responding to that call.

67 Years

This year’s National Day of Prayer marks the event’s 67th anniversary.

President Harry S. Truman signed the day into law in 1952. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated that it be held on the first Thursday of May. Past U.S. presidents have issued national calls for prayer a total of 144 times, including George Washington in 1789 and Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

According to the

The National Day of Prayer has great significance for us as a nation as it enables us to recall and to teach the way in which our founding fathers sought the wisdom of God when faced with critical decisions. …

The National Day of Prayer belongs to all Americans. It is a day that transcends differences, bringing together citizens from all backgrounds. 

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