Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota
Drinks are given out from a mobile kitchen

Army activates flood response in MN, ND

Added on Friday, March 22, 2019

The Salvation Army Northern Division is actively deploying volunteers and supplies for flood relief  efforts at the Minnesota and North Dakota locations below. Donate now.

A volunteer fills sandbagsAnother 200 trained Salvation Army disaster volunteers are on standby to provide food, water, emotional/spiritual care, and other support to survivors and relief workers if called to do so.

“We are ready to serve and we are prepared for the worst,” said Major Rae Doliber, Emergency Disaster Services director for The Salvation Army Northern Division, who remains in regular contact with government officials and other relief organizations.


Hastings: Staff and volunteers aboard a Salvation Army mobile kitchen will serve food, snacks and drinks to volunteers as they fill sandbags at Branchline Church on March 23 starting at 9 a.m. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is expected to pay a visit late in the morning.

Cleanup kits are loaded onto a palletMankato: Five pallets of cleanup kits (pictured) were shipped to the Mankato Salvation Army this morning after officials in five local counties requested 160 of the kits for households that have sustained flood damage. Each kit includes a mop, brush, bleach, rubber gloves, and other supplies.

Willmar: A total of 100 cleanup kits will be sent to the Willmar Salvation Army for households that have sustained flood damage in six local counties.

North Dakota

Fargo/Moorhead: Staff and volunteers aboard a Salvation Army mobile kitchen will serve sandwiches, snacks and drinks to volunteers as they fill sandbags on March 26 from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. at Sandbag Central. The Salvation Army will continue serving every other day until 1 million sandbags are filled.   

Disaster volunteers needed

The Salvation Army needs more trained disaster volunteers. Duties include driving mobile kitchens, serving food and water, offering emotional/spiritual care to survivors, and much more.

To be considered for service across Minnesota and North Dakota, follow these steps:

  • Complete an application and mail it to: The Salvation Army, Attn: EDS, 2445 Prior Ave. N., Roseville, MN 55113
  • Attend the four required training courses: “Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services,” “ServSafe®,”  “Safe from Harm” and “Disaster Food Services and Canteen Operations,” plus additional courses for your assigned specialty area (view course descriptions).

Donate now to help provide food, cleanup kits, and other support for volunteers, first responders, and households affected by flooding in Minnesota and North Dakota.