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Give now: All donations doubled in the Twin Cities

Added on Friday, December 21, 2018

One million reinforcements have arrived in the #FightForGood.

Thanks to a $1 million matching gift, all donations made to the Twin Cities Salvation Army will be doubled on Friday, Dec. 21 and Saturday, Dec. 22. Give now.

Little girl gives to kettle“That means your $10 gift is worth $20, your $50 gift is worth $100, and so on,” said Lt. Col. Lonneal Richardson, leader of The Salvation Army Northern Division. “If we can gather $1 million in public donations from this matching opportunity, we will have raised a grand total of $2 million in just two days.”

By supporting The Salvation Army, you will help struggling Twin Cities families win their fight against poverty. Your gift will put food on their table, presents under their tree, and joy in their hearts.

There are four easy ways to double your donation Dec. 21-22:

  • Give online
  • Drop money into a red kettle anywhere in the Twin Cities
  • Call 651-746-3496 or 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Drop off a check marked “$2 million match” at your closest Salvation Army, or mail one to The Salvation Army, 2445 Prior Ave. N., Roseville, MN 55113

“We hope that many people will donate,” Richardson added. “The money we raise during this two-day, $2 million match will play a critical role in our mission to help struggling families win their fight against poverty.”

How we fight poverty

Here are several real-life examples of how the Twin Cities Salvation Army uses your donations to fight poverty:

Groceries spark hope

Salvation Army food shelfAn elderly man came to a Twin Cities Salvation Army food shelf in need of groceries. He and his wife had been cheated out of thousands of dollars by a financial advisor they’d trusted; they had no clue how they would pay their mortgage and bills. The man was grateful he could rely on The Salvation Army for food until he and his wife found a solution.

Back on track

Waitress illustrationA young mother found herself unable to pay half of her monthly rent. She worked as a waitress and depended on tips to keep her family afloat, but she’d been severely ill and did not receive paid time off for sickness. Thankfully, the Twin Cities Salvation Army was able to pay the other half of her rent. Now she is back at work and back on track financially.

Spirits refueled

Gas pumpA middle-aged wife came to the Twin Cities Salvation Army in need of a gas voucher so that she could get to and from her new job. She was desperate for the job; she and her husband were homeless and in deep debt. The gas voucher boosted her spirits and helped her realize that good things were just around the corner.

Poverty is an everyday battle that families don’t always win. Thankfully, there is an army of loving people like you who fight on their behalf. Your generosity puts food on their table, presents under their tree, and joy in their hearts. Join the fight for good by donating online or at a red kettle, becoming a volunteer bell ringer, or recruiting your own army of fundraisers at Learn more about how The Salvation Army fights poverty in your community.