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Volunteering in a surprising way

Added on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Written by Emma Roos, social media manager at The Salvation Army Northern Division

When you think of volunteering with The Salvation Army, chances are you probably think of bell ringing. Although we need thousands of volunteers over the Christmas season, our volunteer roles are not limited to ringing at our beloved red kettles.

Volunteering at The Salvation Army can be anything from preparing a meal to office work to maintenance. We want to help you find a position that works for you and your schedule.

Take Paula White for example. For more than 30 years Paula has been working as a graphic designer and was ready to start using her gift to help others.

“There is always a need for volunteers of all sorts,” said White. “We are here to be of service in some capacity.”

After a quick Google search, Paula found a volunteer graphic design project posted by The Salvation Army.

Hands in heart shapeEven though Paula resides in El Segundo, Calif. she was able to collaborate with our Volunteer Relations team to create our volunteer opportunities postcard for the 2018 Christmas season (pictured right).

“It was a quick turnaround project, they were easy to work with and I felt the appreciation of my contribution,” said White. “I was excited to discover they needed something I was skilled at and could give without a thought.”

Sophie Crowell, volunteer relations coordinator at The Salvation Army Northern Division, shared the volunteer opportunity on with hopes that someone with an eye for graphic design would respond.

“Honestly, I wasn’t certain if I would have any response. I was pleasantly surprised that Paula had responded to the ad and that she has the expertise in the field,” said Crowell. “She was so wonderful to work with and I am still blown away by her work. I’d love to have more people using their unique skills.”

No matter your skill set, there is a place for you. If you have a skill that you’re passionate about, tell us about it! Email Sophie or call at 651-746-3426.