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Hot meals are served at the Virginia Salvation Army

Stolen money prompts donors to take action

Added on Monday, March 12, 2018

Several generous donors have replaced what was stolen from The Salvation Army in Virginia, Minn.

A hand placing a dollar into a counter kettleLast month, the Mesabi Daily News published a story about a small donation kettle being swiped from the “Supper Club” program at the Virginia Salvation Army, where free hot meals are served every weeknight. The kettle is made available to dinner guests who want to express their gratitude by donating their loose change or a few dollars. The stolen kettle was later discovered outside the Virginia Salvation Army with its lock broken and contents emptied.

“We were devastated when that kettle went missing,” said Christie Sandnas, Virginia Salvation Army case worker and office manager. “Our cook was freaking out. It was terrible.”

A week after the story published, several donations arrived with handwritten letters attached. Each donor wrote that their gift was in direct response to the stolen kettle.

A volunteer serving meals at The Salvation Army hot meal programOne of the donors wrote: “I have deep regard and respect for The Salvation Army. As a young child, I received my solid foundation in Jesus when I went to The Salvation Army. Blessings on you for all you do for the enrichment of others.”

The combined total of the donations was $500 – enough to fund the Supper Club for several days. Every weeknight, 70 to 100 people come to enjoy free home-cooked meals such as meatloaf, spaghetti, chicken alfredo, and other delicious fare (read story).

The Virginia Salvation Army is grateful to the donors who gave in response to the theft.

“It warms our hearts knowing there are people who helped us in our time of need,” Sandnas said. “It came full circle.”

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