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Fight for Good series: Paralyzed man vs. hunger

Added on Friday, October 27, 2017

Poverty is an everyday battle. People experiencing poverty are not without hope – their lives are just harder than they should be. But, The Salvation Army is helping to make their lives a little easier, thanks to your gifts of time and money. The Fight for Good series aims to show how by following individuals through one of their daily poverty battles. Here is one such example.

Paralyzed Man vs. Hunger

An older gentleman named Gus came to The Salvation Army in need of food and other assistance. The right side of his body was paralyzed due to a stroke he’d suffered recently. He began having trouble filling out the necessary paperwork.

“It is too painful to continue,” Gus told our social worker.

The social worker told Gus it was OK not to finish, that he would still receive food today. He was given bags of groceries filled with meat, fruit, vegetables, and canned goods.

A week later, Gus returned to The Salvation Army and donated $50. He wanted to give back to The Salvation Army for helping him. He said he wouldn’t need assistance again, and that he was thankful The Salvation Army was there for him the one time he did.

Join the Fight for Good

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Thankfully, there’s an Army – made up of people just like you – that seeks to start seeing the poverty that has always existed around them.

If you desire to do something good, to further a cause you care about, to join the battle against poverty – here are three simple ways to join us in the fight for good:

  1. Donate at a red kettle or online. Fight poverty one dollar and one coin at a time by giving each time you pass a red kettle (later this month), or support your local Salvation Army through an online donation.
  2. Become a volunteer bell ringer. Join the fight against poverty by giving your time as a red kettle bell ringer. Kettles with volunteer ringers raise double the amount of funds that support our poverty-fighting programs.
  3. Recruit your own army. The fight for good needs soldiers. Recruit others to join the fight for good by setting up a fundraiser and sharing your passion for helping others on

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The scenario described above is about a real person helped by The Salvation Army Northern Division. Names were changed to protect the individual’s privacy.