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A child leads a horse at The Yellow Farm

Inner-city youth ride horses on a farm (video)

Added on Thursday, July 6, 2017

They arrived as city slickers. They left as cowboys and cowgirls.

Last week, 40 youth from the Payne Ave. Salvation Army in St. Paul exited the concrete jungle for a day of horseback riding at The Yellow Farm – a peaceful and sprawling equine facility located in New Germany, Minn.

A child rides a horse at The Yellow FarmThe kids had the time of their lives. (See photos.)

“I never rided a horse before,” said a 7-year-old boy named Calvin, while riding a brown therapy horse as it trotted along. “I love riding horses.”

The children in grades K–6 also learned to care for horses by brushing the animals and shoveling manure out of their stalls.

“Cleaning barns is something new,” said an 11-year-old girl named Adrianna. “I think it’s fun.”

A child helps clean The Yellow FarmHer comment did not surprise Yellow Farm owner Kelly McGuire, who often witnesses similar reactions from inner-city children.

“What the kids enjoy even more than the riding is the caring for the horses,” McGuire said. “They like mucking those stalls, brushing the animals, and being out here in the country.”

Many of the kids rarely leave the city. That includes a 12-year-old boy named JaRon, who was asked about his favorite part of the day. His simple response: “The space.”

“A lot of these kids never get outside of the city,” said Envoy Don LaMar, leader of the Eastside Salvation Army. “For some of them, the only time they’ve seen a horse is when a police officer is riding on top of it.”

A child tosses a lasso at The Yellow FarmThe summer youth program at the Payne Ave. Salvation Army offers affordable all-day programming for working families that cannot afford daycare. A similar program exists during the school year to fill the void between when kids finish school and when their parents finish work. Both programs feature food, tutoring, sports, Bible lessons, and field trips.

These vital youth programs, offered at Salvation Army locations across Minnesota and North Dakota, are made possible by your donations to The Salvation Army.

The kids appreciated The Yellow Farm inviting them to spend a day riding horses in the great outdoors.

“They’ll be talking about this for years to come,” LaMar said.


Watch a video of children from the Payne Ave. Salvation Army in St. Paul enjoying a day of horseback riding at The Yellow Farm: