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A camper hangs from a zipline

Whatever you do, don’t look down (video)

Added on Thursday, June 15, 2017

(Watch video) – Another summer of fun has arrived for hundreds of young campers at The Salvation Army Northwoods Camp in Finlayson, Minn., and with it comes an opportunity for a daring adventure: a 30-foot-high ropes course.

Ropes course at Northwoods CampThe ropes course is offered to all Northwoods campers, ages 6 to 17, who are big enough – and brave enough – to fit into a climbing harness. (Donate now to send a child to camp.)

Among the high-flying challenges:

  • Ziplining: Kids sail through the air for several hundred feet suspended by a rope connected to a pulley and cable.
  • Traversing: Campers walk along a tightrope, using ropes hanging vertically overhead for balance. Two similar challenges are also offered: walking across a 20-foot log, and jumping across a series of square wooden blocks. All three of these challenges take place about 25 feet off the ground.
  • Jacob’s Ladder: A two-person challenge in which climbers work together to reach the top of tall ladder.

The ropes course also features several acrophobic-friendly challenges that are suspended just two feet off the ground.

A girl climbs the ropes course“These low-ropes challenges aren’t scary, so we often use them to teach kids about teamwork and working together,” said Janelle Shumaker, youth outreach coordinator at Northwoods Camp.

Shumaker uses the high-ropes challenges to teach kids about conquering their fears, often using herself as an example.

“I used to be too afraid to do it,” she admitted. “Then, during my second summer working here, I tried it and I loved it. I have no fear now.”

Northwoods Camp in Finlayson, MNNorthwoods Camp offers many other fun outdoors activities, including archery, fishing, and riding ATVs. The 280-acre camp is located 90 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Many of the children it serves come from turbulent inner-city neighborhoods where the wonders of nature can only be guessed at. Others come from safer surroundings where money is just too tight.

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