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Young girl grinning ear-to-ear

Prayer topic: Youth who are hurting

Added on Thursday, June 15, 2017

A child’s smile is never manufactured. The moment their lips curl upward into a wide grin, you know they are experiencing joy in its purest form.

We believe smiles are a worthy investment. Every child deserves to have these precious moments, but the sad truth is that not every child has them often enough. Today we’re asking you to pray for youth in your community who may be experiencing hardship.

Will you recite the following prayer with us?

Heavenly Father, Your word tells us that you care for the little children, and that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Even so, we know that there are children right now who are hurting because of the difficulties of this world. Whatever struggle they meet today, please give them equal reason to smile. Please also bring to my mind one specific child who I can pray for or help bring joy to today. (I just prayed!)


Former NFL player Ray McElroy knows how to speak to youth, and his message is clear: “You are God’s masterpiece.” But, his message isn’t just for kids. Watch McElroy in this uplifting video clip, then think about who else may need to hear it today.

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