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Delores Jones and her kids

Magazine: 10 ways your gifts change lives

Added on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The 10 stories below are featured in the 2017 edition of Scope Magazine, a Salvation Army publication about how your donations are Doing the Most Good® in the Twin Cities.

Each story represents one way your precious gifts change lives – from helping a former drug addict overcome addiction, to keeping a couple’s home warm during winter, to providing food for hungry families, and so much more.

Click the links below to read all of these inspirational stories. Each one provides a unique example of how the Twin Cities Salvation Army uses your donations to make a positive, lasting impact.

Former counterfeiter finds value in God

Jason Roberts used to fund his meth addiction by printing millions of dollars worth of fake cash and traveler’s checks…(Read More)

Three people, three eye-opening food stories

Michael, Angela and Kathy are three people, with three different food needs, and three unique stories…(Read More)

Man chooses giving over mourning

Anthony Raj Sr. could have spent Dec. 12 all by himself, mourning the loss of his son. Instead, he chose to celebrate him by volunteering at The Salvation Army…(Read More)

Volunteer sees firsthand how his donations are used

Chris Brekke is a Salvation Army donor who gets to see precisely how The Salvation Army uses his gifts to impact lives…(Read More)

Housing program saves dollars and dignity

When factoring the costs of jail, shelters, and emergency room visits, taxpayers pay about $40,000 for every homeless person who lives on the streets for one year. The Salvation Army is helping get more people off the streets and into homes through a special housing program…(Read More)

Resurgence: Woman and grandkids claim victory over adversity

Since fall 2015, Delores Jones has suffered through cancer, heart problems, and a house fire that destroyed everything she owned – all while caring for four of her grandkids…(Read More)

Heartwarming deed saves couple from financial ruin

Just when Tom and Shirley Giroux thought their financial freefall was over, their furnace conked out…(Read More)

Meet Miss Amanda: After-school program cook

The children at our after-school program in St. Paul love Amanda Kenney because of her smile and the yummy food she makes. They respect her because she grew up attending the same program…(Read More)

Elderly volunteer mops the floor with old age

After The Salvation Army’s lunch program in St. Paul is over, John Hopkins Jr. folds and puts away dozens of chairs, sweeps, takes out the trash, and mops the entire floor. Even more impressive? The man is 88 years old…(Read More)

Post-prison outreach program quadruples in size

Studies have ranked Minnesota’s rate of criminal recidivism – a person’s relapse into criminal behavior – as one of the nation’s highest. The Twin Cities Salvation Army is helping to reverse the trend through a new post-prison outreach program that is growing rapidly…(Read More)

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