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Northwoods Camp kicks off its summer season (video)

Added on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

(Watch video) – The days were filled with sunshine and the night skies were clear, as the camp season kicked off last weekend at The Salvation Army’s Northwoods Camp in Finlayson, Minn.

Hundreds of teenagers from Minnesota and North Dakota spent the weekend reflecting on their relationship with God and learning about who they truly are in Him.

“You are God’s masterpiece,” explained motivational speaker Ray McElroy. “You are His masterpiece. The world will try and tell you different and you can’t listen to that. God says you’re priceless. God says you’re valued. God says you’re a treasure. God says you’re rare and you’re an original. There is nobody else like you, nowhere on the planet.”

Motivational speaker Ray McElroy at Northwoods CampMcElroy, a retired NFL football player turned motivational speaker, held everybody’s attention with his talks that focused on the Father and our relationship to Him. The weekend was also filled with small group sessions and other activities like laser tag, nine square in the air, football, basketball, and crafts. But, the highlight may have been the opportunity to strike a mini-van with a sledge hammer.

“I’ve never seen this before,” smiled McElroy who joined in the action and took a few swings himself, “It takes some skill to swing that thing, but it felt good.”

The weekend activities were all part of Youth Councils, an event for youth who are involved with Salvation Army programming year-round.


Watch the video below to get a sample of the camp experience and see stunning aerial views of the campgrounds.

Camp Schedule & Sign Up

All summer long kids from North Dakota and Minnesota will travel to Northwoods Camp along the shore of Elbow Lake to take in the beauty and splendor that the camp has to offer. Each week of camp offers a unique way to engage the kids and help them grow spiritually, learn about the world around them, and develop their interests.

Here’s a schedule of the camp opportunities this summer:

  • June 24 – July 1: Music Camp (ages 9-17)
  • July 5-8: Kids Camp (grades 1-4)
  • July 10-14: Teen Camp (grade 8 – age 17)
  • July 17-21: Sports Camp (ages 9-17)
  • July 21-23: Twin Cities Family Camp
  • July 24-28 – Tween Camp (grades 5-7)

For more information about how to send your child to camp, enter your ZIP code below and contact your local Salvation Army.