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Fire destroys Hibbing bus

Hibbing Salvation Army still in need of new bus after fire

Added on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For more information contact Captain Mitch Brecto at Hibbing Salvation Army: 218-263-5096

Hibbing, Minn. – On this Minnesota School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, the Hibbing Salvation Army  need the public’s help to buy a new bus.

In December the bus caught fire and while insurance has helped to recoup some of the cost associated with the loss, they need a lot more money to replace the bus (read article).

“We have about $24,000 saved for a bus, but a new one will cost us $58,000,” explained Capt. Brecto. “We’ve had some offers for bus donations, but so far nothing has worked out.”

The bus was used not only for transporting kids to and from youth activities and church programs. Staff also used it for food collections, holiday meal distributions and even picking up and dropping off kettles during the Christmas fundraising campaign.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton recognized Wed, Feb. 22 as School Bus Driver Appreciation Day and while Captain Brecto isn’t technically a school bus driver, the Hibbing Salvation Army relies heavily on a bus to transport children to its programs and services.

“The bus really does it all,” said Capt. Brecto. “Right now we’re having to take multiple trips with multiple vehicles and unfortunately it’s wasting a lot of time. A new bus would be a tremendous help.”

For more information or if you would like to help, you can contact the Hibbing Salvation Army at 218-263-5096.

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