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Giving Hearts Day | Feb. 9

Giving Hearts Day sparks $15K donation in Jamestown

Added on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jamestown, N.D. – Less than 10 hours remain for North Dakota’s Giving Hearts Day match, and a major donation hopes to spark unprecedented giving in Jamestown.

Yesterday a woman walked into the Jamestown Salvation Army’s Worship and Service Center and donated $15,000. Her hope is that it would inspire others to give today, on Giving Hearts Day.

“It’s such a generous gift, it surprised all of us,” smiled Major Tim Nauta, Jamestown Salvation Army administrator.

Her gift increased the matching opportunity for the Jamestown Salvation Army from $4,000 to $19,000, but donations can only be received today at

Your donation of $10 or more will only be matched today on Giving Hearts Day, February 9th. All six Salvation Army locations in North Dakota have matching funds available and are participating in Giving Hearts Day (see related story).

Last year in Jamestown a total of $5,402 was raised on Giving Hearts Day, all of it was matched and so far this year only $2,000 has been raised (as of 1 p.m.)

So what moved the woman to donate?  This video:

She also said the need is so great and she wants to make sure whoever gives more than $10 to the Jamestown Salvation Army, they’ll know their donation is matched. Thanks to her, $10 becomes $20, $20 becomes $40 and $150 becomes $300.

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