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Sheila German, store volunteer

Volunteer spotlight: Behind-the-scenes, but not forgotten

Added on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sheila German has been volunteering at the Salvation Army Store in Grand Rapids, Minn., for two decades. Three days a week, she comes in for five hours to sort donations of shoes, jewelry, and winter wear.

“There are a lot of things to do – there’s no end,” German said.

There’s no end to the amount of good she accomplishes by volunteering, either. The Salvation Army sells the items German sorts and then uses the proceeds to help local families in need.

“Sheila is just the biggest help,” said store manager Patti Surface. “I can count on her to do absolutely anything.”

German is one of many Salvation Army volunteers who work behind the scenes to help make our mission a reality. Similar opportunities can be found at Salvation Army stores and operation centers throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Find an opportunity where you live.

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