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Youth in a shelter room at Booth Brown House

Youth shelter program expands in St. Paul

Added on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Media Contact: Julie Borgen, Twin Cities media relations director, 612-201-6163

Roseville, Minn. – Twin Cities youth have four additional emergency shelter beds available to them in St. Paul, thanks to an expanded program at The Salvation Army’s Booth Brown House.

Booth Brown HouseThe facility (pictured left) on Como Ave. in St. Paul has received approval to offer 16 beds to people ages 18-21, beginning Nov. 1.

Booth Brown House receives funding from several different sources, including Ramsey County. Because of that, three of the new beds are reserved for Ramsey County youth, while the fourth is for youth from other counties.

Since 2012, Booth Brown House has offered 12 beds for youth, with one emergency overflow bed. When it opened, that increased the number of youth shelter beds in Ramsey County by 66 percent, but the need continues to grow.

“Youth  in this age group often find themselves in a precarious position,” said Ingrid Holt, program director at Booth Brown House. “People expect them to be adults, but many lack the resources to live independently. That can mean they are couch hopping, sleeping on the street or staying at adult shelters.”

In order to accommodate four additional beds, The Salvation Army used a mix of private donations to renovate Booth Brown House’s bathrooms, and also funding from Ramsey County to add three additional part-time staff members.

Youth who need help can access available beds at Booth Brown House and other shelters in the metro area by using the Youth Services Network app (related story) from any smart phone, or online.