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Avoid scammers posing as Salvation Army

Added on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Media contact: Julie Borgen, Twin Cities media relations director for The Salvation Army Northern Division, 612-201-6163

Roseville, Minn. – The Salvation Army’s red kettle season is just around the corner, so they want to remind people the ways they do — and do not — ask for your donations.

Every year consumers report being approached on the street by someone claiming to be from The Salvation Army — it’s already happened multiple times in downtown Minneapolis.

The Salvation Army will never approach you on the street to solicit funds, nor will they ever knock on your door to ask for money.

From Nov. 19 through Dec. 24 you will see bell ringers staffing red kettles around the metro area. They will often be wearing a Salvation Army apron and they will always be ringing a bell next to a kettle between the hours of 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The Salvation Army also places small red kettles on the counters of many stores throughout the metro area.

You may receive mail or email from The Salvation Army asking for your financial support throughout the year. Some donors also receive phone calls from Salvation Army staffers.

Pubic support is vital to The Salvation Army. They are seeking to raise $11.6 million dollars during Christmas this year, with $3 million of that coming from red kettles.

You can confidently donate to them, knowing that that money will be used how you intended it to be.

About The Salvation Army

Since 1886 the Twin Cities Salvation Army has been a safety net for thousands of people, providing food, housing, financial assistance and more, without discrimination. Each year we serve 187,000 people in the metro area, providing 3,800 meals daily and sheltering nearly 900 every night. The Salvation Army relies on 20,500 volunteers who give 160,000 hours of service annually. Please join The Salvation Army by volunteering or making a donation to support your local community.