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Morrie's presents $25,000 check and 4,800 backpacks

Morrie’s donates 4,800 backpacks, plus $25k

Added on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Written by Julie Borgen, Twin Cities media relations director for The Salvation Army Northern Division

For the third year in a row, Morrie’s Automotive Group has donated thousands of backpacks to The Twin Cities Salvation Army, along with a $25,000 check to help fill them with school supplies.

Morrie's backpacks“This is such a gift and a blessing,” said Lynnette Medcalf, social services program coordinator for The Salvation Army. “Buying new school supplies and backpacks can be more than many families can afford, when they are already struggling to make ends meet.”

Morrie’s employees arrived at The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Roseville with two cargo vans bursting with more than 4,800 brand new backpacks ranging from simple styles to fun and funky – there were options for all age groups.

Young girl getting a new backpack“It’s so exciting!” said six year old Sonja (pictured jumping into a pile of backpacks), who picked out a backpack with a stylized cat on it. “I can’t wait to take it to first grade.”

This year, Morrie’s challenged their dealerships to compete and see who could collect the most new backpacks. Their 394 Hyundai store in St. Louis Park came in first, with more than 1,400 backpacks.

“We have almost 70 employees and there wasn’t one who didn’t donate,” said dealership manager Mike Iverson. “We want to do more than talk about giving back – we want to do it and help where there is a need.”

Lt. Col. Lonneal Richardson, commander of The Salvation Army Northern Division said that need is real and something as simple as a backpack can make a true difference.

“This gift enables children to go back to school prepared and ready to learn,” Lt. Col. Richardson explained. “They could grow up to be president of the United States or CEO of your company, we don’t know. But we do know this gift is helping give them the best start we can.”

Girl picking out school suppliesFor kids like 10-year-old Sasha (pictured in blue), a new backpack means a boost in confidence.

“Sometimes I have to go to school with the stuff I used last year, and that feels weird,” Sasha said. “This new stuff makes me feel awesome and happy that I get to go to school with new things.”

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