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Helpful tips to rid yourself of clutter and help others

Added on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

“Out with the old and in with the new.” It’s a common phrase tossed around during the new year.

Starting fresh often means clearing your home and storage rooms of unnecessary clutter. If you’re about to do just that, we’ve got a few tips below to refresh your home and begin the year anew.

At the end of all your tossing and organizing, instead of heading straight to the trash can, consider donating your gently used, unwanted items to a Salvation Army store (view our locations). By recycling your donations, you’re able to give them a second life with someone who will put them to good use. What’s more, every item purchased at our store directly funds our life-sustaining programs.

Tips for Clearing Clutter

  1. Sort through your holiday decorations. Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to drag out the storage bins and put those decorations to rest. But before you pack everything away, sort through your ornaments and garnishes and decide if you really want to keep all of them. Maybe you’ve downsized and would prefer a smaller tree over a standard size. You don’t have to hold on to decorations that you don’t use. Decide what should stay, and get rid of what you no longer want.
  2. Clean out those closets. It’s amazing how many clothes can be packed into one closet. Take an afternoon and try on everything from jackets to shoes. By going through your closet at the end of a season, it not only reminds you of what may be hiding in your current wardrobe, but you’ll also discover what looks stunning on you and what items should be put to rest. Maybe you bought a few trendy items that are no longer relevant, or maybe you reinvented your style. No matter what the reason, going through your closet will open up space for the clothes you enjoy wearing. Have kids? Go through their closets, too. We all know how quickly kids can outgrow their clothes.
  3. Take inventory of your dishware. For many millennials who have just graduated, are close to doing so, or are recently married, you may find that your cupboards contain a mismatched assortment of plates, bowls and cups. Now is the time to go through your kitchen and decide what stays and what goes. This will give you more space for your newest dish ware, or perhaps you’ll be able to create your own unique style.
  4. Get rid of doubles. Who needs three volleyballs when you only need one to play a game? What about those five flower vases from last Valentine’s Day? When clearing out your home, search for any item that’s been doubled up.
  5. Preemptive decluttering. Always remember to think about the things that create clutter and choose to keep them out of your home. Let’s say you’re an avid reader. The more books you buy, the more space they’ll eat up. Realistically, how often will you reread one of those books? To fuel your inner book worm, try getting a library card. Not only will you have access to thousands of new books, but you’ll free up more space in your home. Also, think about freebies that you’ve received from one event or another. Do you really need another T-shirt or stress ball?
  6. Get some containers. We say this with caution. Often, our first instinct is to go out and buy storage containers and bins when we want clutter to leave our sight. But in the end, all you’ve done is grouped your clutter into containers. Instead, purge your home of anything that is no longer needed and then purchase your containers. You’ll have a clearer vision of the containers you need to organize the things you want to keep.

Find some larger items that you would like to donate? Schedule a free pick up online in the Twin Cities or contact your local store to see if pick up is available. Clearing out the clutter and helping others – now that’s what we call a win-win situation.