Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota
Morsekode team

New website: 500 hours of free work

Added on Friday, November 2, 2012

The face of The Salvation Army Northern Division changed today with this, our brand spanking new website.

Before you go exploring, though, consider this: All of what you see – all of it – was created for free by one amazing local advertising agency.

Minneapolis-based Morsekode created this entire website, from scratch, without charging us a dime. That equals about 500 hours of planning, design and development, or the number of hours one full-time professional works in three months.

All for us. For free.

The man behind it all is Morsekode founder Mark Morse (pictured, center). He has a soft spot for The Salvation Army.

“There is a deep connection at Morsekode with the mission of The Salvation Army,” he said. “We believe in everything it stands for.”

Morse began doing pro bono work for The Salvation Army in 2004, back when he had only six employees. Today he has 28. Together, they dream up compelling videos, print and radio ads, websites and other media for both small businesses and powerhouses like Famous Dave’s and Mayo Clinic.

“Following (2004), The Salvation Army really grew in our collective heart,” Morse said. “Our heart still beats for The Salvation Army. There aren’t many brands that deliver their brand promise with such authenticity and genuineness. We are continuously impressed, year after year, by what The Salvation Army does on both the local and international level.”

Needless to say, The Salvation Army can’t thank Morse and his staff enough.

“They are incredible,” said Lt. Col. Daniel Sjögren, Salvation Army Northern Division Commander. “We came to Morsekode fully prepared to pay for this website, but they refused. The thousands of dollars they’ve saved us will ultimately change hundreds of lives. Simply amazing.”

About the website

Planning for the website began last spring. Working with Morsekode, we sought to create a website that is clutter-free, information-rich, highly user-friendly and … well, pretty to look at.

One of the website’s best features is how easy we’ve made it for you to find your nearest Salvation Army and learn about all the programs, services and volunteer opportunities it offers.

You can do so in two ways: 1. On the home page, click on any of the three icons in the upper-right: Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota and North Dakota. A map of your region will pop up. Click on your nearest location to learn about everything it offers. 2. Every page of the website includes a zip-code tool in the upper-right corner. Simply type in yours and you’ll be directed to the website of your nearest location.

Beyond these handy search tools, we’re proud of the website for its overall aesthetics and functionality. It looks clean, the photos are good and the writing is conversational. Finding what you’re looking for is easy. And once you’ve found it, the information is simple and relevant.

OK, you can go exploring now. We’re sure you’ll agree: Learning about The Salvation Army, how we’re Doing the Most Good® and how you can help just got a whole lot easier.

Photo: The Morsekode team that created the website includes (from left) Tim Shultis, Web Developer; Becky Ewert, Ideas Director; Mark Morse, CEO and Executive Creative Director; Lu Prinsen, Client Strategist; Jesse Sutherland, Sr. Interactive Art Director; Jonathan Sollie, Designer.