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Salvation Army one:12

Now there’s an easy way to personally bless people in need. It’s Salvation Army one:12, and we are thrilled to invite you to be part it.

What’s one:12? A community of monthly givers who provide reliable donations to fuel our promise to do the most good. In one:12, you are the one, and your 12 monthly gifts are the hope for better days. When you join, you will directly impact individuals and families in crisis.

We’re asking you for a monthly pledge to one:12. In return, we promise to deliver stories straight to your inbox about how your gifts are truly changing lives. If you want to be part of something truly life-changing, and if you think there should be more talk of good news in the world, then one:12 is for you.

The name one:12

You are the one, and the 12 represents your monthly gifts when you sign up to support our programs on a monthly basis for at least one year. But there’s more to the name than that.

Genesis 1:12 says, “The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.”

Your participation in this new monthly giving program represents the opportunity for growth and fresh starts. Your monthly gift is the seed, which we’ll plant and tend to until it grows into something even bigger. The end result will be beautiful new stories of lives changed.

Why monthly giving?

This inspiring idea came from a generous Salvation Army supporter who wants to know how his monthly gifts are transforming lives. He’s challenged us to not only find others to join a monthly giving program, but also to report back to its members with regular, real-life results. That’s exactly what we plan to do.

Double your impact

An anonymous donor is so convinced of this powerful way to support The Salvation Army, he’s pledged to match your first year of monthly gifts to one: 12, instantly doubling your impact on programs offering food, shelter and a wide array of other support to individuals and families in crisis. That’s a breathtaking return on investment.

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