Northern Division: Serving every county in Minnesota and North Dakota

Fundraising Form

  • Thanks for your interest in fundraising for The Salvation Army. Before the planning begins and even a penny is raised, you need to complete the following form to receive formal authorization to use The Salvation Army’s name and logo in conjunction with your fundraiser.

    Please complete the following form and a representative of The Salvation Army will review your request. Once reviewed, you will be notified of our decision. Please allow two weeks for review.

    Note: The Salvation Army’s name or logo may never be used to imply our endorsement of a product, service, activity or belief. This form is for the Salvation Army Northern Division, serving Minnesota and North Dakota, only.

  • Please include the following details: how will donations be collected, where will funds be collected, the date(s) donations will be collected, the percentage of sales to be donated (if applicable), the average retail value or price of the product or service to be donated (if applicable), a description of the product or service (if applicable).
  • By clicking submit, you agree to wait for approval of this request from The Salvation Army before conducting the fundraising activity on behalf of The Salvation Army.