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2 Days. $1.5 Million Match.

All donations tripled Friday & Saturday

Added on Thursday, December 18, 2014

The season of giving is upon us, and there has never been a better time to donate to the Twin Cities Salvation Army. Friday, Dec. 19 and Saturday, Dec. 20, every donation made online, to a red kettle, or in person will be tripled, up to $1.5 million. Triple your donation online right now.

That means your $10 donation becomes $30, $100 turns into $300. It’s a chance to make your gifts go three times as far.

“This triple match comes at a critical time for us,” said Major Jeff Strickler, Twin Cities Commander. “This is crunch time to make sure we have enough money to fund our programs all year round. Our kettle donations are down, so we have important ground to make up this weekend.”

Red kettle donations are running about 10 percent behind from this time last year, due in part, to a shortage of volunteer bell ringers.

The money you donate to the Twin Cities Salvation Army goes to fund programs all year round. Last year we served 214,000 people in the metro area. Every night The Salvation Army provides shelter for more than 1,000 people. We feed more than 1,400 a hot meal every day and send home 1,700 bags of groceries each week.

Your donations also help to make Christmas merry for thousands of local people. The Salvation Army serves holiday meals, provides gift cards for grocery shopping and is the largest provider of Christmas toys in the metro area, serving 25,000 children a year.

“The people we serve are often the working poor,” said Strickler. “They are doing all they can to make ends meet, but it often isn’t enough.”

William Paul, a 24-year-old, single dad of two toddlers, is a perfect example of that. He’s pictured here with his three year old son William, Jr.

Photo of father and his son who shopped at Salvation Army Toy Shop“Without The Salvation Army, there wouldn’t be any holidays for us at all,” said Paul.

He works two jobs, but the cost of going to court to gain custody of his kids, combined with day care expenses have put him in a financial hole.

“I had to sell my car to pay for child care, I am robbing Peter to pay Paul and hoping Peter’s money will be there when he needs it.”

The Salvation Army’s Toy Shop program is just what this family needs to help make their holidays bright.

“I think it’s awesome. Help? There’s actually help? Every time I come here, it’s like, sweet! There’s hope here,” said Paul.

Help support these and other programs all year round by donating today (give online), and your gift will go three times as far.