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Basics of Life Training graduate

Basics of Life Training (BOLT)

Basics of Life Training, BOLT, is a residential program that focuses on changing lives. The program helps men and women address the behavior patterns that led them to be homeless, go to prison or develop a chemical dependency.

The program focuses on personal growth in five areas – education, vocation, physical health, relationships and spirituality. After the initial program, six months non-residential aftercare┬áis available.

Purpose of the BOLT Program

Standard treatment for individuals dealing with chemical dependency includes a 21 day primary treatment and a 75 day halfway house program. This time frame does not allow the individual to address the underlying issues that led to the dependency in the first place.

The BOLT program offers a fresh start by allowing individuals to deal with personal issues, while equipping them to be successful in society. Housing, meals, classes and materials are provided free of charge.

With passion and compassion, it is the goal of the BOLT program to help people become spiritually grounded, productive members of society.

What the BOLT Program Includes

  • Weekly group and one-on-one counseling
  • Regular service projects at Harbor Light and within the community
  • Support in locating permanent housing
  • Job placement training
  • Help in getting a High School Diploma or GED
  • Development of computer skills
  • Development of spiritual character

BOLT Program Staff

Our faculty and staff passionately care about the participants and their success. Many of the staff have overcome the same issues the participants face and really understand the participant’s needs. Our staff members are some of the best examples of how the BOLT program changes lives.

How is the BOLT Program Funded?

The BOLT program is fully-funded by generous donations. Housing, food, classes and class materials are provided free to participants, so they can focus on a fresh start in life. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Camilla Shimonek, Chief Operating Director at 612-767-3102 or at

For more information about the BOLT Program, call 612-767-3100.