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God continues chain of blessing started 21 years ago

Added on Thursday, April 10, 2014

It’s National Volunteer Week – a week when we take a little extra time to make sure our volunteers know how much we appreciate everything that they do to make our work possible. Sometimes when we reach out to bless volunteers though, it’s our staff members who come away from the interaction feeling blessed.

A volunteer relations staff member recently listened to a voicemail she received from one of our bell ringing volunteers. The volunteer shared that many years ago he was the recipient of an organ transplant on April 8. He started ringing for The Salvation Army 21 years ago as a way to give back, in gratitude, for the priceless gift of life he received.

We reached out to this volunteer with an invitation to join us at a Minnesota Twins game as a small token of thanks for his dedication over the years. The Twins had donated tickets to help us thank donors and volunteers, and this was a perfect opportunity to put them to good use.

The gentleman called to let us know how meaningful this gesture had been and that, little did we know, he received our invitation on the anniversary of his transplant, April 8, which he felt was no coincidence. God faithfully continued the chain of blessing started 21 years ago.

Are you as inspired by this story as we were? We hope you’ll feel moved to start a chain of blessing of your own. Call Jennie Conners at 651-746-3426 to start volunteering with the Twin Cities Salvation Army today.