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MOST Amazing racer tells why it’s a ‘cannot-miss event’

Added on May 3, 2016

If you’re on the fence about competing in the 2016 MOST Amazing Race, talk to Eric Nybakken – his enthusiasm for the event will push you over the edge.

“Don’t hesitate for a moment,” urged Nybakken, who competed last year with his wife, Tanya. “This race is a cannot-miss event in my household.”


“I love the rush,” he continued. “It’…

Salvation Army cook says Harbor Light saved her life

Added on April 29, 2016

A Salvation Army cook says a program at our Harbor Light Shelter in Minneapolis saved her life. Now she hopes to inspire others...

Volunteers urgently needed to serve meals

Added on April 22, 2016

Volunteers urgently needed to help serve meals in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul...

God called, Captain Clausell answered

Added on April 15, 2016

Captain Katherine Clausell stopped short of obtaining her Ph.D. and began working for The Salvation Army. Now she’s a Salvation Army officer leading Minnesota’s largest homeless outreach facility...

Meet the 2016 Volunteers of the Year

Added on April 8, 2016

The Salvation Army of Minnesota and North Dakota would be nothing without its volunteers. In 2015, nearly 68,000 of them contributed more than 372,000 hours of service that helped almost 376,000 people in need...

Volunteer of the Year nominee: Robert Strawberry

Added on April 4, 2016

The Salvation Army salutes Robert Strawberry, one of our nominees for Volunteer of the Year...

Volunteer of the Year nominee: Patricia Mabey

Added on April 4, 2016

Meet Patricia Mabey, one of our nominees for Volunteer of the Year...

‘Random act of kindness’ feeds 400 at Harbor Light

Added on April 1, 2016

Thanks to Chick-Fil-A in Coon Rapids, hundreds of people at Harbor Light enjoyed a special dinner...

Chick-Fil-A donates 400 sandwiches to Harbor Light

Added on March 31, 2016

Hundreds of people at Minnesota's largest homeless shelter will enjoy a special meal tonight, thanks to The Chick-Fil-A in Coon Rapids. The store is donating 400 sandwiches to The Harbor Light Center in Minneapolis on March 31...

Celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection with us on Easter

Added on March 23, 2016

This Sunday is Easter, a day when Christians all over the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus did what no other has ever done in all of history. He raised himself bodily from the dead. (John 10:17-18) What kind of power does this take? While we...

Devotional: The power of Jesus

Added on March 21, 2016

There are many sources of energy in our world – oil, natural gas, solar, nuclear, to name but a few. Science provides us with some understanding of these types of energy. But there are other forms of energy about which science can tell us nothing. For example, what kind of energy is necessary to raise someone from the dead?...

Blogger gets a taste of food insecurity (video)

Added on March 17, 2016

Could you feed a family of four for two days with $30 dollars? Read about local savings blogger, Heather Shue's experience taking our challenge...
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