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Single mother Rebecca receives food from The Salvation Army

Hey, food donors: Meet Rebecca (video)

Added on Friday, March 18, 2016

(Watch video) – Attention, food donors: Take a break from giving during the largest food drive of the year – the March Campaign – and meet one of the people who benefits from your generosity.

Say hello to Rebecca (pictured), a 33-year-old single mom who works hard to support her daughter.

Rebecca is employed by her local school district, working as a middle school tutor and locker room supervisor. She was recently promoted from her previous job of serving school lunches.

“I’ve increased my income by 50 percent,” said a proud Rebecca, who’s been raising her daughter, on her own, for the past 10 years.

Although Rebecca’s income has improved, sometimes the extra money still isn’t enough to make ends meet.

“There are unexpected medical bills,” Rebecca said.

Salvation Army food shelfThat’s where The Salvation Army comes in. Every so often, Rebecca stops by a Salvation Army food shelf to pick up bags of groceries made possible by your donations. The groceries include foods like peanut butter, noodles, sauces and canned fruits, along with perishables such as meats, milk and fresh veggies.

“I especially like the meat and the produce – I use them to make stir fry,” Rebecca said.

To some people, a few bags of groceries may not seem like much. But for a single mom trying save money for a house of her own, it means the world.

“All I can think of is dreams and goals and succeeding,” said Rebecca, who has lived in a rented trailer for the past year and a half. “I want a town home. I want a garage.”


Earlier this month, the team at was proud to give Rebecca and her daughter an added boost of support. We stopped by their home and gave them a box of groceries and a $250 grocery gift card courtesy of Cub Foods.

Watch this video to see what happened:

Back to work

OK then, food donors. Break’s over. Time to donate more food and help more people like Rebecca.

“Thank you to all of our donors for their continued support of The Salvation Army during this year’s March Campaign,” said Lt. Col. Robert Thomson, Commander of the Salvation Army of Minnesota and North Dakota. “Your generosity is a blessing to the people we serve.”

Giving during the March Campaign is fun and easy. Here are three ways you can help:

  • The most efficient way to support Salvation Army food shelves is to donate online right now. For every one bag of groceries you could otherwise buy at a store, we can buy three bags with the same amount of money, thanks to our partnerships with major food distributors. (Read related blog.)
  • Donate nonperishable foods at your local Salvation Army worship and service center. For locations and hours, enter your ZIP code.
  • Short on cash? No problem. Help by donating your time. We need volunteers to sort and stock donations at our food shelves. Learn more about becoming a food shelf volunteer in the Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota and North Dakota.