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Xcel Energy presents a check

Xcel Energy gives scary-big HeatShare donation

Added on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Xcel Energy gave $125,000 to The Salvation Army’s HeatShare program on Halloween morning, a monstrously large gift that the Army will use to keep families warm this winter.

HeatShare provides utility assistance for low-income seniors, disabled people and families with no place left to turn. Funds are typically used to pay for natural gas, oil, propane, wood, electricity and emergency furnace repairs. The program is offered at most Salvation Army operation centers.

Xcel Energy has provided direct financial contributions to HeatShare since 1984. Like other utility companies, it also provides a HeatShare donation option for its customers on their monthly utility bill.

“We greatly appreciate this gift from Xcel Energy,” said Major Jeff Strickler, Twin Cities Salvation Army Commander. “This year’s winter season is sure to stage a comeback over the mild winter we had last year. Having these funds on hand will be a tremendous boost to HeatShare and the families it serves.”

HeatShare’s budget last year was $1.5 million, but it still wasn’t enough. Year after year, requests for assistance are typically greater than the available resources.

Click here to learn more about HeatShare.

Below are HeatShare stories submitted by Salvation Army social workers across Minnesota.

  • “A man walked into my office so weak he could barely stand. He had cancer. He wanted to die with dignity and not burden his kids with his bills. Through HeatShare, we were able to assist him with his remaining utility payments. He was so thankful. Before he left, he asked if he could hug me. He hung on for dear life and cried like a baby.”
  • “A soon-to-be mother came in after receiving a shut-off notice from her electric company. She was due to give birth in the next few weeks after spending months on bedrest, unable to work. She was overwhelmed by the thought of bringing her newborn baby home to a house with no lights or heat. Through HeatShare, we got her disconnect notice resolved and got her caught up on the payments. She said it was an incredible weight lifted off her shoulders.”
  • “A single mom adopted her two grandchildren after their father – her son – was killed the year before. Raising the kids alone had become a major financial burden, to the point that her heat was shut off. But she refused to give up. Through HeatShare, we got her heat turned back on and negotiated a payment plan with the utility company.”

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